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How to upload customers to the system? (2.0)
How to upload customers to the system? (2.0)
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To upload customers to a campaign in the system, you have several options:

  1. API - Our recommendation is to do everything automatically through our API. For more information about the API, please refer to this article.

  2. Customer file - Another way is by uploading a CSV file (via Google Sheets).

Step 1:

Arrange all relevant customers in a Sheets form as shown in this example:

Some important notes:

A. Each file should contain customers who belong to the same campaign and have the same status. For example, if I have customers I want to upload with the status "Follow-up" and others with the status "Waiting" then we need to create a separate form for each list of customers.

B. If you want to upload customers with an assignment to an agent, the agent's name must appear exactly as it does in the system.

C. The dates you want to upload - follow-up/original creation date - need to be in the format DD-MM-YYYY HH:MM.

To change the format for all leads, select the relevant column and click "Format" > "Number" > "Custom date and time" to create the desired format.

D. After that, a window will open where you can create the desired format.

When clicking on each object, you can choose the display and format. Choose the appropriate format.

Note that between each object, the appropriate separator must be used - between the day and month, use a hyphen (-), and between the hour and minute, use a colon(:).

E. After that, press Apply. If some of the customers did not change their date format, make sure that in your settings, the timezone matches the area you are in.

To check these settings, go to Settings and change to the appropriate country.

Then it should work.

Step 2:

After the file is arranged, download it and save it on your computer as CSV.

Step 3:

Go to the campaign you want to add the customers to and select Add Customers.

Now select the appropriate CSV file and mark the checkbox accordingly if needed:

International Format - Mark here if you are uploading customers with an international area code.

Override existing - Mark here if the customers already exist in the system and you only want to update a specific field.

Update contact allowed date - Mark here if you want to update the original details when the customer asked to be contacted. This update is mainly intended for situations where the customer is blocked because they were identified in the system as "do not call me" but you know for sure that the customer left details recently and want to open the option to call them.

Reset - If you are uploading customers who already exist in your system and want their status to be reset, mark this checkbox.

Make Customers unique - You have the option to choose whether

1. Upload customers regardless of whether the customer exists in another campaign.

2. Check if the customer exists in another campaign and if so, delete them from there (so they are only in the current campaign).

3. Add to the current campaign only if they do not exist in other campaigns.

Step 4: Field matching

Match each field in the system with the corresponding field in your file like this:

Pay attention that we are assigning all relevant fields.

Note: If you only want to update a specific field by overriding it, then you only need to match the name, phone, and relevant field.

3. Individual customer (from agent account)

There is an option to grant permission to an agent to manually add a single customer. After granting permission to the agent, they will see this button:

Then fill in the details of the customer you want to add and click Add customer.

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