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What Focus in the campaign
What Focus in the campaign
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Focus is a tool that allows you, as managers, to define that all representatives dial a particular cross-section of customers as part of a specific campaign.

Using Focus comes to bypass the system’s dialing order when it is important to you to speak to a specific section of your customers.

There are three types of Focus:

  1. Regular Focus – The system will dial only the section of customers included in the cross-section we defined with the filter. note that by using this focus the system will not call any customers that are not in this filter

  2. Dynamic Focus – The system will first dial those in the section we defined with the filter and then, when this section is over, continue to the rest of the customers in the campaign. Every 15 minutes, the system will go back to check whether there any remaining customers that can be called from the initial section.

  3. Dynamic Multiple Focus - The system will first dial those in the first section we defined and when this section is over the system will switch to the second section, then to the third section etc.

  4. Focus by agents – In this instance, we can choose what agent will work with what focus. This and applies only to representatives you have selected.

While working with a focus you will see this Notice on the top of the screen in the campaign

Here is an example for a common Focus on customers that have been uploaded in the past 7 days and haven't reached yet

To define this focus follow these steps:

  1. Enter the chosen campaign

  2. Select the filter button

  3. select status "Not reached yet" (this status includes - Number busy, no answer, voicemail. Waiting)

  4. Select a date 7 days before the current date in the ‘Added from date’ field

  5. Select Regular / Dynamic Focus

Here you can see an example of selecting Focus for particular representatives

To select Focus for representatives, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the chosen campaign

  2. Select the ‘Filter’ button

  3. Filter the desired customer section

  4. Select the Agents Focus button ("Agents")

  5. Select the green button for the representative to which you wish to allocate the Focus

To remove the Agents Focus:

  1. Select the ‘Filter’ button

  2. Select the Agents focus button

  3. For each representative with a gray button and an eye icon, select the red button to remove Focus

Here you can see an example of how to define a Dynamic Multiple Focus

  1. Filter the customers you want to define as a focus group.

  2. Click the green button and choose "Dynamic (Multiple)" and choose focus group name

3. Redo this step and create more focus groups you would like to prioritize.

4. Click on "Manage Multiple"

5. Arrange order according to your desire

Note: If you are working with a focus we recommend you go in to the "edit" of the campaign and see the setting that are set in regarding to focus in the campaign .

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